All of our machines accept credit card, Google Pay, and loyalty cards.

The KEEP Clean Laundromat’s loyalty card is the gateway to other rewards. Your loyalty card gets you:

  • Discounts deals
  • No more quarters!
  • If you register your loyalty card—we can replace the card and balance if lost

Please keep and reuse your loyalty card for all future visits. The card is free, but please limit it to one (1) card per customer!

How do I get my loyalty card?

All machines work with a laundry card.  The card will have $0 to start until you load money onto the card.  To get your loyalty card simply go to the card kiosk at the back of the store and request a new card and add money to the card using the on screen prompts.

Please remember to log on and register your card at FasCard!  Click Here

If you register your loyalty card, we can replace your card and the balance if it is lost.

How do I recharge my loyalty card?

This card is reusable so please keep your card for all future visits.  You can add money as you go.  To add money, you can go back to the kiosk and add money using your debit or credit card.  You can also load money onto your card through the app which you can download here  Click Here   or search for FasCard in the app store.